our background

The name M’hudi, derived from the Setswana word “Mohudi” when translated into English carries the meaning of a harvester. Not only this, but M’hudi shares the name with a heroine of a beautiful African story that chooses to flee from a war-ravaged and hopeless village in order to go out and search for a new beginning for herself, one in which the past is left behind and forgotten. Similarly, M’hudi Wines’ story is of a family that, with courage and great determination, went against all odds to pursue their dream of producing great wine. 

Originally from the North West Province of South Africa, the Rangaka family decided to search for a place where the whole family could spend more quality time together.

Leaving their professional careers behind, the family settled on purchasing a farm in Stellenbosch in 2003 and found themselves to be the first Black family to acquire a wine farm in South Africa.

M’hudi Wines are fast establishing themselves as a brand associated with quality, excellence and superiority. The vineyard lies in a valley with deep Table Mountain sandstone soils over clay.

The valley floor is very hot in summer but is regularly cooled by morning mists and vigorous doses of the Cape Doctor (renowned Cape Town South-Easterly wind) in the afternoons.

The M’hudi Wines clearly meet the need for quality South African wines locally and abroad.

Our product quality both for the local and export markets is supervised and monitored through various processes of various industry authorities including the South African Department of Agriculture, The Wine and Brandy Council, Wines of South Africa (WOSA) as well as the Department of Trade and industry. We work with highly experienced wine makers and our wines are Wine Industry Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) accredited.