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Family makes M'hudi Wines a winner
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M'hudi, winner of the 2010 Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award, is South Africa's first wholly black-owned wine tourism farm. Its success is down to the hard work of the Rangaka family, who beat the odds to realise a dream.

When Malmsey Rangaka was a young girl she travelled to the Western Cape, where she saw for the first time the grapes and vines from which wine is cultivated. "I made the connection between the fruit and the end product," she says. The images of wine farms made a big impact on her, and those images never faded.

She thought about what it would be like to own a wine farm, but there were many obstacles in the way of that dream: the biggest of these was apartheid, which restricted the land that blacks could own and limited their opportunities. So, instead of pursuing her dream, Malmsey's career took a very different track, far removed from vineyards and wine. However, with the fall of apartheid, opportunities gradually began to open up.

Malmsey had become a clinical psychologist, while her husband Diale had forged a successful career for himself in tertiary education. He served as Dean of Humanities at the University of the North West's Mafikeng campus, later becoming Deputy Dean of Education at the University of Johannesburg's Soweto Campus.

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